Top 5 tips to get the best resale value of homes

With economical crisis and various other problems, there often rises this situation where one has to need to sell property in Tel Aviv. Do not rush to get off your home without knowing some important details. The common mistake is rushing to a deal. This is for those people who have the need to relocate due to some reason. Rather than going deep into the selling they just hand over the home to the first person ready to buy the home.

The decision is hard and there is no second thought to that. House transfers also include legal transfers and not just the property deal. These tips will help you in getting close to one of the most crucial decisions.




  • Knowledge of the market

This is important for both who are ready to sell and buy property in Tel Aviv. Do not only go with available reports. Each locality is different and you need to do your own research.

Ask questions to know about the current situation of real estate in your locality. To fix a value of the property this is necessary. You must not keep the price too low or too high than the rate currently existing in your locality.

There are seasons of sale and the price varies accordingly. If you are not in a hurry take time and sell your property during the season when you will get the highest value.

  • The price of the property

Do not overprice the property and stay fixed with it. Too pricey deals are often avoided by many. Before even looking at your property they will reject the offer just seeing the price. Keep the price affordable if you wish to get your home sold off in a single season.

Before fixing the affordable value you must find similar properties of the area and find out how much they are bidding for their houses. Accordingly place your price for attracting prospective buyers.

  • Make the offer attractive

If you are posting the ad online do not forget to post pictures. Engage them with the ad you place to sell property in Tel Aviv. Keep the price negotiable to invite the buyers.

  • Fix the faulty parts

This is necessary to get a better value of the home. If there are open faucets fix it. Make the place ready to use to get the best value.

  • Marketing the house

Your offer needs to reach the buyers. You can take the help of real estate brokers in Tel Aviv to market the property. They help in bringing in buyers and sellers charging money for the service. Using the internet for the marketing is the other way that you can adopt.

For some more help regarding real estate consult Su Casa.


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